Sifnos is a typical Cycladic island with white stuccoed houses and as many monasteries and chapels as the days of the year. Well-marked pathways will lead you to the monasteries, many of which will offer you incredible vistas to the deep blue Aegean sea and the nearby islands. Many of the churches and monasteries of Sifnos have been characterized as historical monuments and are of important religious and architectural interest.                                                                                                     
Following the road to Platys Gialos, and just before getting there, you will face the most beautiful monastery perching on a rock overlooking the sea. The sight of the small cape with the dominating 17th century monastery of Chrysopigi is enchanting. High above the main port of the island, stands one of the most famous chapels of Sifnos, Agios Symeon. The chapel was built in 1667, it has a charming courtyard with wonderful views and is a perfect place to take the most impressive photos of the port, and the surrounding landscape. Prophet Elias “Apsilos” is another monastery that you should visit and marvel at its imposing architecture.
The monastery is built around 1650 on the ruins of an ancient acropolis, standing on the highest mountain of Sifnos, 680 meters above the sea level, hence offering a panoramic view to the land and the sea. Panagia Poulati, built in 1871, is another beautiful monastery worth visiting which is very close to Loukia Apartments. The imposing steeple testify to its magnificent traditional architecture, with its paved courtyard leading to picturesque halls and the monastic cells.
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