The natural beauty of Sifnos arises from its unique morphology, offering you plenty of options to enjoy a rejuvenating swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea. 
If you are looking for a lively, cosmopolitan beach, then Kamares will be an excellent choice for you, as well as the long sandy beach in Platys Gialos. If you seek a more tranquil waterfront though, the beach of Apokofto and Fasolou in the bay of Faros, famous for their serene surroundings, will offer you plentiful peaceful moments by the sea. Moreover, if you are anticipating endless dives, then you will find the right beach in the most photographed point of Sifnos, the monastery of Panagia Chrysopigi.
Other great options for a swim, are the wide open, golden beach of Vathy on the west side of Sifnos, Glypho beach, probably the most beautiful one on the south of the island, and beach Cheronissos on the north, a haven by a picturesque fishing village.
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