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Cycladic Festival of Gastronomy "Nikolaos Tselementes"

For the lovers of culinary culture, the three-day Cycladic Festival of Gastronomy takes place in the central square of Artemonas at the beginning of September, in honor of the famous early 20th century chef, Nikolaos Tselementes, who was born in Sifnos.
Representatives from the islands of Cyclades, honorary guests from other Aegean islands, and famous chefs meet in Sifnos every year to present their unique gastronomic traditions, accompanied by parallel events and festivities. Every island has its distinctive booth, where the cooks and chefs prepare recipes from their homeland, for the visitors to relish for free.

Traditional Festivities

Sifnos is famous for its many monasteries and chapels – one for every day of the year! Thus, all year round, the 364 chapels and monasteries of Sifnos celebrate, each in its turn, their patron saint in the most joyful yet traditional way. The celebrations are well-organized from ordinary, local people who follow the old tradition of the "panigyrades", meaning “revelers”.

After the vespers, in an atmosphere of devoutness, people are offered local delicacies, slowly cooked in traditional fireplaces called “panostries”, accompanied by wine and traditional violin and lute music, played by a pair of musicians called “takimi”, while everyone sings along. Usually, the festivities last until the first light of the day.

Hiking Tourism – Sifnos Trails                                                                                                                   

The most fulfilling way to explore the island is on foot, taking advantage of its many enchanting paths. Sifnos has one of the most updated, marked path networks all over Europe and most of them are easy to walk, offering hikers the opportunity to explore and admire the natural beauty of the island, its historical and cultural heritage, as well as the friendly locals, some of whom they will undoubtedly encounter strolling along a path!

Enjoy the unique natural beauty of Sifnos’ landscape through walking its trails, since they may be your only choice of access to certain places of interest. Only by hiking, you can visit Agios Sostis, where the most ancient mine in the world operated, the ancient Acropolis of Agios Nikitas and the 17th century monastery of Prophet Elias “Apsilos” that offers a panoramic view. The picturesque church of the Virgin Mary “Toso Nero”, the 76 ancient towers dotted along the island, built between the 6th and 3rd century BC, and some extraordinary, hidden -almost exclusive- beaches are reachable through pathways. There is an ancient path, passing right outside Loukia Apartments, that takes you to Panagia Poulati monastery in just 10 minutes, giving you the opportunity to admire the wild beauty of the landscape walking along the route. From Panagia Poulati, another picturesque coastal path will lead you to the beautiful village of Kastro. The whole route is charming, offering you stunning view of the sea and the beautiful surroundings.

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